Here's EXACTLY What To Eat (And What To Avoid) To Heal Your Gut .

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I also include fermented foods like kimchi and unpasteurized sauerkraut. These probiotic-rich foods blast nasty pathogens like unfavorable bacteria, yeast, or parasites, becoming mainline defenders against leaky gut and other gut issues.

Besides eating these and other fermented foods, many patients take a professional-quality probiotic supplement that contains billions (not millions) of colony-forming units (CFUs, which measure a probiotic’s potency).

While they get less attention, prebiotics—these are the food that probiotics feed on—are equally important for gut health because they feed your friendly flora.

These probiotic "fish foods" aren’t easily digested or absorbed. Instead, they bypass your small intestine and beeline into your colon, where, among their many benefits, they feed the good gut bacteria to create healthy, energy-producing short-chain fatty acids.