How this family makes six figures traveling the world and working 10 hours a week .

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As they explain on their site: "We're super passionate about helping other passionate entrepreneurs and small business owners with a vision to run their own online businesses in a way that it isn't overwhelming and doesn't rule their life."

"I became a transformational coach," Ka tells CNBC Make It. "I don't just help people. I help people to help other people."

At first, he only offered such lessons in person, but he soon realized that, by recording himself and offering courses online, he could make his system much more efficient.

"I charge less money, work less hours, help more people and make much more money," he says.

A membership to his "Do What You Love Club" costs $27 a month. There are also hundreds of paying members of his "Do What You Love Business School." These students occasionally meet up in person at events, like one Ka hosted this past summer in Berlin, Germany.

For those not interested in buying subscriptions, the Sundance Family also offers programs like Social Media Rockstar Academy. Customers pay $299 to enroll in courses that will train them how to acquire a social media following on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Ka and his wife have made over $300,000 off these businesses this year alone.