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USA TODAY Published 5:08 p.m. ET Nov. 14, 2017 | Updated 11:27 p.m. ET Nov. 14, 2017

Sessions says accusations that he lied are lies

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fiercely defended himself Tuesday from any suggestion that he hasn't been truthful in previous testimony about contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. "I will not accept — and reject — accusations that I have ever lied. That is a lie," Sessions told the House Judiciary Committee. His latest testimony comes after wo former Trump campaign advisers said they told Sessions about their contacts with Russia. Those revelations — from George Papadopoulos and Carter Page — appear to contradict Sessions' earlier testimony before a Senate committee. Here are the top takeaways from Sessions' five and a half hours of testimony. 


Attorney General Jeff Sessions strongly disputed allegations that he was not truthful in earlier testimony about Trump campaign contacts with Russian officials. "I will not accept and reject accusations that I have ever lied," he said. (Nov. 14) AP

This pill allows patients (and others) to track whether it’s taken

Devices can already track our every move, but are pills next? The FDA has approved a drug with a digital ingestion tracking system. The Abilify MyCite tablet, meant to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disease, has a tiny sensor that sends information on digestion to a wearable patch and ultimately to a mobile app. A doctor or caregiver can also track the pill through a web portal. Freaking you out? Some experts worry there could be ethical implications with tracking devices on pills. Welcome to the future. 

She flipped Trump the bird. Now she could flip careers.

The name Juli Briskman might not ring a bell, but the photo of her riding her bike and flipping off a Trump motorcade might jog your memory. An update: Though she lost her job at government contractor Akima LLC because of the photo, she now has an unlikely job offer. Pornography and social media firm XHamster tweeted at Briskman, offering her a position on their marketing team. "Always stay true to your principles," XHamster said. Don't know if she'll accept the offer, but she does have $70,000 in donations from GoFundMe that should tide her over for a while.

Brown animal, check. Antlers, check. Whoops! Girl shot elk instead of deer 

A 14-year-old Missouri girl mistakenly shot an elk instead of a deer while hunting last weekend. After shooting the animal, Abby Wilson called her dad, who immediately realized her mistake. Elk were a native species in Missouri until overhunting and habitat destruction wiped them out in the early 1900s. The Missouri Department of Conservation said the elk buck was 200 miles from a herd that was reintroduced in a conservation area in 2011. Yes, Abby had passed a hunter education course (though it's unclear whether elk vs. deer was covered) and can legally hunt on her own. As for the fated elk, its meat might be donated to a needy family. 

Did we ask for this? Diet wine is here

If you're trying to choose between wine and dessert on Thanksgiving, you can have your pie and a drink with it, too. Weight Watchers unveiled a new line of diet wine, called Cense, starting with a sauvignon blanc. It weighs in at 85 calories a glass, compared with 120 calories for other whites. The same process winemakers use to lower alcohol content is used to reduce calories, experts say. Sounds worthy of a try — top us off over here, please. 

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